Sandhurst Joggers event: 24th November 2019

23rd November 2019 (1:15 pm):

COURSE: Early today I walked the course for tomorrow's event to check that all's well. The course is in good shape, but be warned - it is very slippery in places, with occasional puddles, some of them deep and muddy. There are also many trip-hazards (rough terrain and/or exposed knobbly tree-roots), often combined with slippery surfaces. There is also one steep (but quite short) hill-climb. This, then, is REAL cross-country!

The course comprises two laps of about three miles, so you get to do it all TWICE.

The start and finish, however, are in a beautifully-groomed school sports-field.

Slower runners WILL BE OVERTAKEN by the fastest; probably as early as ⅔ way through lap 1 (shortly after the top of the steep climb). Please listen out for them, and try to give them as much room as possible to pass.
As you approach the end of the first lap you will be directed to keep left, into Lap 2; at the end of the second you keep right, to the finish. There is a marshal to point this out, and it is usually obvious to her/him which lap you are on, but please be aware of this, and take the correct route.

PARKING at the college is limited, and some of it is a moderate walk from the start/finish. Please PLEASE car share wherever possible, and allow plenty of time.

CLUB TENTS, FLAGS etc: Please set up your assembly, etc area to the LEFT (as you enter the field) of the main sports field and the race finish-funnel. We must keep clear of the marked football pitches as they will be in use very soon after our event ends.

Thanks for your attention, and have a great run.

Rob H (Course Boss)

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