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Results for Bracknell Forest 2019/20 are provisional. This means that the results have all been entered but there may still be mistakes present and the results should not yet be considered as official, full, final, approved, certified, audited and so on. If you notice any errors please contact your club rep directly - they can then collate queries to send to the organising club. Thanks!

Detail Results 'Bracknell Forest 2019/20' - 5th January 2020. Team 'Marlow Striders' Only.

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Results in bold contribute towards the team score.

Category: M = Male, F = Female, S = Senior, V = Vet, K = No Club Kit, G = Guest.

3300:40:11MSTom PinkhamMS30-
3400:40:15MSRich WarnerMV31-
8200:44:04MSChris PinkhamMS74-
9700:44:47MSRohit PatelMS85-
15300:47:48MSMichael PriceMS127-
15500:47:50MSJim BarryMV128-
17900:49:19MSPaul SheratonMV147-
19600:50:11MSLyndsay MarkhamFV-32
21300:50:36MSMike ThompsonMV172-
23700:51:22MSLaura HodgsonFV-42
24700:51:47MSAnn LonieFV-46
30000:54:18MSPaul ConnorMV228-
34700:57:18MSSian CaddellFV-80
37400:58:45MSOonagh ThompsonFV-92
38200:59:11MSClaire ParkerFV-94
38800:59:45MSSophie HoultFS-99
38900:59:46MSPatrick GrindleyMV279-
41301:01:20MSAnn BowlesFV-114
41901:01:48MSBecky WhitworthFV-116
42201:01:56MSAdrian CheungMV293-
44001:03:49MSAlice BanksFV-129
47501:06:10MSSally EllisFS-151
52201:13:07MSBrid HaywardFV-182
55401:19:46MSLes LepperMV333-

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