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Results for Bracknell Forest 2019/20 are provisional. This means that the results have all been entered but there may still be mistakes present and the results should not yet be considered as official, full, final, approved, certified, audited and so on. If you notice any errors please contact your club rep directly - they can then collate queries to send to the organising club. Thanks!

Detail Results 'Bracknell Forest 2019/20' - 5th January 2020. Team 'Maidenhead Athletics Club' Only.

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Results in bold contribute towards the team score.

Category: M = Male, F = Female, S = Senior, V = Vet, K = No Club Kit, G = Guest.

2400:39:33MACLaurence MilesMV23-
2500:39:34MACTom EastenMV24-
5000:41:30MACBecky AtkinsonFV-3
5100:41:36MACBrett SiddonsMVG--
6900:42:42MACSteve FrancisMV62-
7100:42:52MACColin SymonsMV64-
9100:44:27MACDarryl ChilesMS81-
9200:44:37MACAnthony HallMV82-
9300:44:38MACKirsty MatthewsFS-8
9500:44:42MACAbbie JonesFS-9
10700:45:39MACGreg MarshMV91-
10900:45:41MACFrances SilleFS-14
11400:45:51MACHarry ShrimptonMS94-
12700:46:46MACJannie FourieMV104-
14000:47:18MACStuart AtkinsonMV116-
16200:48:06MACEllen EastenFS-24
20600:50:27MACJen FrancisFV-33
20900:50:30MACAnthony HornbyMS169-
21400:50:37MACCaroline ShrimptonFV-36
21600:50:40MACSteven BarnesMV174-
22100:50:49MACLili RawlinsFS-38
22800:51:04MACPaul SharpMV183-
24500:51:45MACDominic De BannMS194-
24800:51:48MACLeila OliverFV-47
25900:52:11MACChris LewingtonMV202-
26200:52:16MACChris SuttonMV204-
26500:52:26MACSimon GoldfinchMV206-
27100:52:56MACSarah LaightFS-52
28400:53:17MACHeather SmithFS-59
30800:55:13MACSam GillespieMV232-
31200:55:35MACDavid FitzgeraldMV234-
32400:56:03MACDerek Philip-XuMV242-
33600:56:42MACPaul ThomasMV249-
35900:57:45MACDennis MurphyMV265-
36300:57:54MACDavid WaughMS268-
37100:58:21MACRos CookeFS-89
42601:02:14MACJeanette SandersonFV-121
45001:04:12MACMaddie McTaggartFS-137
45601:04:29MACSteve OverburyMV305-
46201:05:02MACGeorge FirthMS309-
47401:06:03MACLinda SzulcFV-150
47801:06:20MACDavid WatermanMV315-
49001:08:25MACShazia AhmadFV-162
50101:09:47MACMeggie CuminiFV-170
50401:10:09MACClare NashFV-173
50701:10:34MACAnushka HowellFV-176
52101:12:50MACStephan HelalMV325-
52501:14:21MACYash MaudgilMV327-
52701:14:40MACSuzanne AdamnsFVG--
54101:16:05MACMarika KaravanFV-196
55901:23:20MACJudi JefferiesFV-209
56501:33:32MACBeryl NyerereFV-212

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